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Revenue Intigrity

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Banyak orang tanye, apa system yang aku test kat MAS nih. Aku bgtau Revenue Intigrity System (RIS). So, what is RIS? Sebenarnya semua airlines nak implement system nih, tapi tak banyak lagi yang dah implement. And acctually this system will increase profit of the airlines company. Macammana?? Check this article:

Revenue Integrity reduces the difference between the expected and actually realized revenue of an airline.

Traditional reservation channels allow passengers to reserve several flight options until a final decision is taken. Meanwhile, there is a risk that large numbers of seats may remain blocked during the decision process and are not available for sale.

These days very few airlines use automated checks to identify and delete such reservations, which leads to significant revenue loss as seats either remain blocked or are released too late and therefore do not qualify for re-sale. Lufthansa Systems’ Revenue Integrity offers a set of tools capable of performing various automated checks, enabling airlines to check their reservation data for multiple criteria that may cause loss of revenue. This means that each airline can adjust reservation data and optimize its net results.

Taken From Lufthansa Revenue Integrity

So tiap2 hari aku akan dapat UAT(User Acceptance Test) Test Script yang sangat banyak. Dan aku akan test sebagai MAS staff/Travel agent staff yang kick-in semua data2 passenger yang nak naik flight. Buat masa ni dah 3 module aku test. Kebanyakkannya nak bg system detect duplication. Kalau tak detect, minta vendors yang siapkan system(SITA) tu review balik. Best gak keje nih.

Tapi module sekrang ni yang paling penat. Sebab kena cari nama yang tak boleh duplicate. Dan MAS nak nama dalam Melayu, Cina n India (Malaysian Name). Mesti diorang tengok pening tengok testcase aku sebab nama pelik2 aku guna sebelum nih. Click la gambar bawah tu. Haha, so sekarang lagi pening la, mana nak cari 100 Malaysian name untuk sehari, mmg penat, nih dah masuk minggu ketiga(so calculate la brapa banyak nama aku dah pakai..haha). Dah habis nama dah aku guna.

Can spot or not? Aircond tu, nama passenger la. Hak hak hak


Written by aizat84

June 24, 2008 at 7:13 am

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