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Kehidupan sebagai seorang tester

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Test engineer, tester, software tester .. and many more title but the job scope remain the same. Hehe, i remember what Karamjit, my ex boss had told me before, people will not recognized and appreciated that job title because people don’t know what and who we are.

Testing is simple but it doesnt mean you dont have to test your product. Even when you want to buy your mobile phone you test the keypad and features, when you want to buy car, you test drive it first whether it suits you or not.

Software Testing became popular and more important nowadays, and many companies offers that post for their quality assurance. Simple reason is; “without testing, it’s expensive”. Why, With earlier testing you can detect whether you software/system followed the guidelines given by the clients or not. If it happen in earlier stages, tester can stop the production and make correction to iron out and guide them to the perfect way.

Yes bugs are there whether you like it or not. But the confidence level to release the software/system is the most important parts of the producer. It must satisfied their customers/user and make sure they utilize all of the features there.

There are many area you can specialized in testing. The most enjoying part in testing is regression(re-test) testing. For me that part is most simple but you need a lot of strength because you have to re-test all the product and make sure the developer correct all the bug that deviate from the requirements.

I thinks, I will make this blog as Software Engineer blog after this with tips.

Happy Testing~


Written by aizat84

June 19, 2008 at 7:37 am

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